I am a 2.9-year-old female Christian introvert (INFJ/INTJ, if you’re into MBTI, and no I cannot suss out which of those I actually am and for the time being I’ve given up trying) who is very fond of her anonymity (hence the paucity of identifying information).

 I love God above all else, and I love my family and my friends. I am a teacher and a grad student currently working on her monster of a thesis.

I love school, Disney, baking, naps, colouring, lists, organising things, a good cup of green tea, hiking, yoga, reading, writing, Christmas lights, playing piano, the sound of rain, lots of heavy blankets on a cold day, and dogs.

 I am also a submissive and a little who is gloriously single and enjoying the daylights out of being unattached (for the time being). Please be forewarned that I will at times discuss BDSM and D/s on this blog, not in any graphic detail and I will endeavour to always tag such entries so you can easily filter them. But this is a significant part of my life, so it will come up from time to time.

I am rubbish at identifying my emotional status, loving myself, getting enough sleep on a regular basis, and explaining the vast majority of what goes on inside my head. May the odds be ever in your favour, dear readers.

If you think I’ve excluded something in this deliberately sparse about page, or you’re just curious about something, please feel free to ask ❤